Wishlist :-)

What would you like to have in next PilotEdit version?

Wishlist :-)

Postby MrWalker » Thu Nov 10, 2016 7:39 am

There are a couple features I would love to see in PilotEdit.
First of all, I would like to be able to edit keyboard shortcuts. Currently, you cannot change any of those. Not that I cannot learn the ones that are in PilotEdit, but there are a few frequenct used commands that have no shortcut key and I would like to assign one. And it's also convenient to be able to set up several editors to use the same keyboard scheme, so you don't have to remember so many different ones.

Second, I would love to have a bookmark functionality like the one in Notepad++, where you can insert a bookmark by hitting CTRL-F2, and jumping between them using F2. In large files in particular, this is convenient when jumping back and forth between different locations in the file.

Third, I would love to be able to split the window so that I could have two different sections of the file within view at the same time. Would just be convenient.

Those are the three features I have missed the most after using PilotEdit for a week now. :-)
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Re: Wishlist :-)

Postby Ray » Mon Dec 12, 2016 12:38 pm


1. The feature of editing keyboard shortcuts is still not available.
2. The "File Group/Bookmark Window" is at the left side when you start PilotEdit. You can add a file together with position into Bookmark window.
3. PilotEdit doesn't provide the ability to split the window. But you can open multiple PilotEdit windows and edit different sections in different PilotEdit windows.

Hope these suggestions help. :-)

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